Andrew Tate says women in his household ‘are not allowed out’ in old video

  • In an old music video, Andrew Tate said women were “not allowed out” when staying with him.
  • He said women should “stay home” when he travels. The date of the clip was unclear.
  • Tate was arrested in connection with an investigation into human trafficking in Romania in December.

Andrew Tate said women ‘were not allowed out’ when they stayed at his house, speaking in a recently reposted old music video.

In the clip, highlighted by The Sun on Jan. 7, Tate opened up about his jet-setting lifestyle and how he has large groups of women staying at home.

The date of the clip was unclear, as was the specific house he meant. Insider found the same footage posted around the same time Tate was banned from YouTube, suggesting the comments are at least 6 months old.

“I’m everywhere, so I end up with all these girls just stuck in the house, sitting there bored, completely in love with me,” he said. “And of course they’re not going out. They’re not allowed to go out.”

He said people might assume women can hang out with their friends when he’s not around, but that was wrong.

“You don’t go to the club with your friends,” he said. “I don’t know what kind of asshole lets his chicks go to the club without him. No. You stay home, you don’t go anywhere. No restaurants, no clubs, nothing.”

Tate was removed from YouTube in August 2022 for violating its hate speech policy, the company said. The reposted clips seen by Insider are from when Tate’s own account was taken down.

Tate also bragged about his treatment of women on his now-defunct website, screenshots of which have been widely shared. Tate wrote that 50% of his employees were his girlfriend at some point and “none were in the adult entertainment industry before they met me”.

His description sounds like the “loverboy method” of human trafficking, which Romanian authorities allege Tate employed in the country.

The video recirculates after Tate was arrested for the alleged trafficking scheme in Bucharest, Romania.

Tate, her brother Tristan and two women have been arrested, accused of exploiting women to produce pornography for their online business. Tate and the others were first held for 24 hours, which a Romanian court extended to 30 days.

Six women have come forward as part of the investigation, Romanian officials told Insider, at least one of whom said she was raped.

Since Tate’s arrest, Insider and other outlets have also reported that he was arrested on suspicion of rape in the UK in 2015, but authorities dropped the case. Tate denied the allegations.

Tate has not publicly responded to the human trafficking allegations. His lawyer gave an interview to Romanian media Gândul in which he attacked the evidence against the Tates, but refrained from saying they are innocent.

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