Ben Affleck seen serving customers at Dunkin’s drive-thru window


Lisa Mackay’s coffee run on Tuesday morning started like any other.

She entered the Dunkin’ drive-thru in Medford, Mass. She goes there every day to get his regular order – a small black iced coffee. But when she stopped at the window, it was Ben Affleck handing her the glass.

Seeing the actor, dressed in an “America Runs on Dunkin'” shirt and cap with a helmet, left Mackay dumbfounded. She took a picture of Affleck, a known Dunkin enthusiast, at the window which has since made its rounds on social media, with some fans speculating he was filming a Super Bowl commercial and others claiming the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, his wife, was there too.

“He was very, very funny, super, super nice and just super nice,” Mackay, 54, said, “and of course he still has a Boston accent.”

Affleck’s penchant for Dunkin’ has been well documented by paparazzi over the years.

You’ve probably seen the pictures. Affleck holding a pink and orange Dunkin’ bag while out for a walk with Lopez. Him trying to balance an iced coffee on a stack of packets with his chin. And of course, the viral photos of the actor trying to juggle a tray of three iced coffees and a box of Munchkins while wearing a “Believe in Boston” shirt.

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Affleck, who grew up in Massachusetts, once admitted that he received Dunkin’ every day in Los Angeles.

“It’s very weird, I have it every day and people are always like ‘Where is it? Is it near here?'” the actor said in a 2019 interview with Collider. So, I feel like I’m spreading the word.”

In 2020, a Dunkin executive called Affleck a “true brand lover,” according to Insider.

At the time, the company had not established an official relationship with Affleck. And while the actor’s sightings at Dunkin’ this week could be the start of a partnership, Dunkin’ has yet to announce it publicly. The company did not respond to a request from The Washington Post on Tuesday.

For Mackay, Affleck is the perfect fit for a Dunkin’ partnership.

“I think he really, honestly likes Dunkin’ Donuts coffee,” she said. “Then there is no one better. If you have to pay someone, it should be him.

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When Mackay took to the microphone on Tuesday, she recalled Affleck telling her, “You look lovely this morning. Welcome to Dunkin’ Donuts, can I take your order? »

She told him she wanted an iced black coffee, and he replied, “Is that it? Is that all you want?

“And I drove up, and there he was,” Mackay said. “I was like, ‘Wow, really?'”

They chatted and joked a bit, but Mackay was so nervous she couldn’t remember most of the exchange. But Affleck was “everything you thought he would be” — funny, friendly and quick-witted, she said.

After Mackay walked past the window, she was greeted by a woman standing in the parking lot. The woman asked if Mackay would grant permission to use the video footage of her interaction with Affleck, handing her a form to sign once she said yes.

“I wish I had been prepared,” Mackay joked. “I probably, maybe, would have done my hair and nails and worn a better outfit.”

But still, she’ll be thrilled if she ends up in a commercial alongside Affleck.

“I’m a Boston girl. So yeah, we all love it here,” she said.

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