Bengals’ Joe Mixon trolls the NFL with a TD toss celebration

CINCINNATI — In case it wasn’t clear enough, Bengals running back Joe Mixon reminded everyone what the people of Cincinnati think about coin tossing.

Mixon led the NFL with a coin toss touchdown celebration after his score in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. After Mixon scored on a 1-yard touchdown run, he pulled a coin out of a glove and flipped it into the end zone, followed by an emphatic kick in the air after it landed.

The celebration came on a day when Cincinnati could have lost a potential playoff game at home with a draw. But the team’s 27-16 win over the Ravens ensured the Bengals will host next weekend’s rematch against Baltimore.

The Bengals were upset after the NFL on Friday approved a competition committee resolution that states the site of a potential Baltimore-Cincinnati wild card game could come down to a coin toss. The changes were made after Monday’s game between the Bengals and Buffalo Bills was canceled due to the cardiac arrest of Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

Cincinnati’s players, coaches and front office were furious at the possibility of not playing a home game at Paycor Stadium despite winning the AFC North title.

On Thursday, Mixon tweeted a section of the rulebook regarding playoff standings following canceled games. Bengals executive vice president Katie Blackburn sent a memo to all clubs urging them to vote against the proposal which was ultimately approved, according to ESPN’s Seth Wickersham. And on Friday, Bengals coach Zac Taylor denounced the rule changes.

“But it seems like there are positives for a lot of teams and only negatives for us,” Taylor said. “So we have the option to play for a coin flip. It can only impact us negatively. We don’t have the option to play for a coin flip which will impact us positively.”

Cincinnati’s win on Sunday rendered conversation moot. The corner-flip scenario would only have come into play if the Ravens had won and the Chargers had won in Denver. The Ravens and Chargers entered Week 18 with identical records, but Los Angeles would get the No. 5 seed while Baltimore would get Game 3 against Cincinnati. The payoff for the No. 6-seeded Ravens, sweeping the Bengals but losing the division title, would have been the opportunity to host third-seeded Cincinnati in the playoffs. If the Bills-Bengals game had gone to the end and Buffalo had won, the Week 18 game between Baltimore and Cincinnati would have been for the AFC North title.

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