China renews its threat and warns that the independence of Taiwan will be “punished” | Conflict News

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said anti-China elements in foreign countries were “playing with fire” over the issue of Taiwan independence.

China renewed its long-standing threat to attack Taiwan and warned that foreign politicians who interact with the self-governing island are “playing with fire”.

A spokesperson for China’s Office of Taiwan Affairs said Wednesday that Beijing has again pledged in the new year to “safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity” and “destroy plots for Taiwan independence”.

“Malicious support for Taiwan independence among anti-China elements in some foreign countries is a deliberate provocation,” spokesperson Ma Xiaoguang told a bi-weekly press conference.

“We call on relevant countries to … stop sending the wrong signals to separatist Taiwan independence forces and stop playing with fire on the Taiwan issue,” Ma said.

China views Taiwan – a self-governing democracy that split from mainland China in 1949 – as Chinese territory that must be brought under Beijing’s control, and by force if necessary.

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper tweeted the Taiwan Affairs Bureau warning that Taiwan’s “‘secession’ is doomed” and that Taiwan independence “is an act waiting to be punished”. .

High-level visits to Taiwan in recent months by foreign politicians, including US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and numerous European Union politicians, have angered Beijing and sparked huge military drills. around the island by Chinese forces, which Taipei sees as a rehearsal. for invasion.

At the end of December, China sent a record number of 71 planes and seven ships to Taiwan – the largest such exercise in 2022.

This week, the Taiwanese military is holding its own military exercises aimed at reassuring the public about its ability to counter Chinese threats.

“The most important thing is to maintain the safety of our airspace and national security,” Air Force Lt. Col. Wu Bong-yeng told reporters at Hsinchu Air Base, just south of the capital, Taipei.

The defense drills coincided with a visit to Taiwan by German and Lithuanian lawmakers, and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said the visit demonstrated Berlin’s support for the island.

Leading the 10-person German delegation, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmerman – who is also chairman of the Bundestag’s defense committee – said Russia’s war in Ukraine necessitated the visit to Taiwan because it was “a huge wake-up call” not only for Europe and Germany but also for the whole world.

“Now we can see what happened in Ukraine… It affects the whole world,” Strack-Zimmerman said in Taiwan.

“That’s why we come to your country,” she said.

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