‘Life-Changing’: In-N-Out Burger Chain Takes Its First Steps East in Tennessee | California

In-N-Out Burger, the famous California fast-food chain, is expanding east to Tennessee, a move the Tennessee governor called “life changing.”

The family-run burger company will open an “Eastern Territory office” in Tennessee, as well as several Nashville-area restaurants, by 2026, according to state officials, and the owner of In -N-Out said further eastward expansion is underway.

In-N-Out, “a cult that serves burgers and fries,” as Bon Appétit put it, was founded in a suburb of Los Angeles and spread to just six other western states in the over its 75-year history. He currently sells his drive-thru burgers as far east as Texas.

“We get a lot of requests to open in different states, and I’m very happy to meet customers here and make their dreams come true, and probably a few other states that are a little upset,” Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson, In-N – Owner and president of Out, said at a press conference in Tennessee announcing the expansion.

“Don’t worry, there are others who will eventually be included in this plan,” she added.

The burger chain, founded in 1948, is iconic in California, famous for its nostalgic decor, never-frozen burgers and oddly disappointing fries.

He has held wedding photo shoots and even wedding receptions, while drawing backlash in recent years for the family business’ conservative politics, donations to the California Republican Party, and his public refusal to comply with a vaccine mandate from San Francisco in 2021.

In-N-Out’s slow eastward expansion from California has met with enthusiastic reception in the past, with Texas customers camping out in a parking lot overnight to get quick access to its burgers, the Huffington reported. Post in 2011. the pope was here,” said a local reporter.

But some eastern US residents have also greeted the hype around the West Coast burger chain with skepticism. New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called In-N-Out “overrated,” in a 2022 interview, citing the quality of the fries in particular.

Someone had to say it!! 🍟 https://t.co/LecnEQzxSA

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) October 25, 2022


Many California residents continue to fully embrace the In-N-Out cult. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who moved to California in 2020, have touted their love for In-N-Out in multiple interviews with US media, saying staff at their favorite haunt know their typical command. Harry recently told People magazine that his go-to meal is ‘two double-doubles [cheeseburgers]animal-style fries and a Coke”.

Bill Lee, Governor of Tennessee, said he has vivid personal memories of eating his first In-N-Out burger in Southern California and enjoying the famous Bible verse printed on the bottom of the cups of the burger chain.

He called In-N-Out “a great American company” and said he was delighted and grateful to the company for choosing Tennessee for “its first hub in the eastern United States”. which should create at least 275 new local jobs.

“It’s a life-changing decision. It’s exciting for our state,” Lee said.

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