No bail for a man who peed on a woman in flight

Shankar Mishra was arrested in Bengaluru last week, six weeks after his egregious act.

New Delhi:

Shankar Mishra, who urinated on an elderly woman on an Air India flight, has been denied bail by a Delhi court. The court denied Mishra’s bail request, saying it was not appropriate to release him on bail at this stage.

In its order, the court said: “The alleged act in itself is sufficient to outrage the modesty of any woman.”

“Given the above facts and circumstances, this Court does not consider it appropriate to release the accused on bail at this stage. Accordingly, the present application is dismissed,” Metropolitan Magistrate Komal Garg added in the order.

Earlier in the closing arguments, Shankar Mishra’s attorney said his act was not motivated by sexual desire nor was it intended to outrage the plaintiff’s modesty.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, however, opposed Mishra’s bail request, saying she was under threat.

A magistrate’s court had remanded Mishra for 14 days on Saturday, denying police custody.

Shankar Mishra allegedly urinated on a 70-year-old woman on a New York-Delhi flight last year. He was arrested in Bengaluru last week, six weeks after his egregious act.

Air India has come under heavy criticism for not acting quickly. Mishra left without any action when the flight landed in Delhi. The airlines did not file a police complaint until January 4, saying it did not go to the police as they believed the two sides had “settled the matter”.

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