Regulator warns against “Godfather” banking malware – DW – 01/09/2023

German financial authorities warned consumers on Monday that the malware known as “Godfather” was attacking some 400 banking and cryptocurrency apps worldwide, “including those from providers in Germany.”

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) said in a statement Monday that it was unclear how the malware was infecting consumer devices, but it was currently logging user input to banking and crypto apps.

Although BaFin has not yet determined how the software penetrates electrical devices, the authority knows that the “Godfather” Trojan tries to trick people into entering their login details on simulated official banking applications. . It can then acquire the login credentials and hand them over to the cybercriminals.

The malware also sends push notifications to obtain two-factor authentication codes. With this data, individuals or teams of people who use the technology to commit malicious activities may be able to gain access to consumer accounts and wallets, BaFin said.

Citizens offered safety tips

In a video from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), consumers received tips on how to safely use apps on mobile devices.

Information about the malware is also available on the BSI website.

The “Godfather” warnings first appeared in December, with reports suggesting the malware was affecting Android devices, targeting users in 16 countries.

Group-IB cybersecurity experts reportedly first discovered the “Godfather” in 2021, but the Trojan has undergone significant code upgrades since then, leading to a spike in activity in recent years. month.

Revolution through the metaverse?

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