Russia claims to have killed more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers in revenge attack

There is no comment yet from Ukraine on the attack or the death toll. (Case)

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday it had killed more than 600 Ukrainian servicemen in a massive rocket attack on two buildings in eastern Ukraine temporarily housing Ukrainian forces.

Reuters could not immediately verify the Defense Ministry’s claim. There was no immediate comment on Russia’s claim to Ukraine, although the mayor of Kramatorsk, the town in eastern Ukraine that Russia says it has targeted, said earlier on Sunday on Facebook that no one had been killed in an attack on various buildings in the city.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the strike on buildings in Kramatorsk was revenge for a deadly Ukrainian attack earlier this year on a Russian barracks in Makiivka in a part of the Donetsk region controlled by Moscow forces in which at least 89 soldiers were killed.

The ministry said in a statement that it used what it called reliable intelligence to target Ukrainian troops. He said that more than 700 Ukrainian soldiers had been accommodated in one hostel and more than 600 in another.

“As a result of a massive missile strike on these temporary deployment points of Ukrainian army units, more than 600 Ukrainian servicemen were destroyed,” the Defense Ministry said.

However, Reuters reporters visited the two university dormitories which the Russian Defense Ministry said were temporarily housing Ukrainian servicemen near the war front line at the time of the night strike. Neither appeared to have been directly hit by missiles or seriously damaged. There were no obvious signs that soldiers had lived there and no signs of bodies or traces of blood.

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