Single-shot trial targeting three different infections

A vaccine a trial is underway to tackle a triple threat of infections with a single strike.
The Sunshine Coast University began clinical trials of a new Moderna vaccine that works as a triple-barreled vaccine to target COVID-19, RSV and influenza.

“If you could go to the doctor and get a vaccine that basically covers you for flu, COVID-19 and RSV – that would be helpful,” Dr Nischal Sahai said.

Vaccine trial against COVID-19, influenza and RSV at Sunshine Coast University.
The vaccine would target COVID-19, influenza and RSV. (9News)

“The goal is to see if a combination vaccine will be as tolerable as giving the three vaccines separately.”

The vaccine disrupts Australia’s annual vaccine rollout to help ease the burden on an overstretched system.

“One visit, one vaccination and maybe one booster versus three visits and boosters,” said participant Carolyn Rose.

“I think it will take a big load off our current healthcare system.”

Vaccine trial against COVID-19, influenza and RSV at Sunshine Coast University.
Researchers are looking for more trial participants. (9News)

It may take several years to gather enough data before the vaccine can be rolled out safely, but researchers are now looking to expand their pool of participants and are calling on more volunteers.

“We are looking for people who are generally healthy between the ages of 50 and 75 – they can be male or female,” said Joan Stark, senior clinical trials coordinator.

The process includes seven clinic visits and eight phone calls over a period of up to 13 months, with all participants being compensated.

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