Why Rahul Gandhi said this to a journalist

New Delhi:

Rahul Gandhi said he had “killed Rahul Gandhi” and did not care about his image, emphasizing that the Bharat Jodo yatra should not be about him.

“Rahul Gandhi is on your mind. I killed him. He is not here. Not on my mind at all. He is gone. Gone,” the Congress leader told reporters in Haryana on Sunday.

A reporter asked him how the yatra had changed his image.

“The person you are looking at is not Rahul Gandhi. You can see him. You don’t understand him… Read the Hindu scriptures. Read about Shiv-ji (Lord Shiva), you will understand. Don’t be shocked Rahul Gandhi is in your head, not mine. He’s in the BJP’s head, not mine,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Addressing the reporter who asked him the question, he said: “Why do you look so shocked? I have nothing to do with the picture, I have no interest in the picture. You can assign me any image you want – good or bad.”

In November, he made similar comments while suggesting the campaign was not about him at all. “I let go of Rahul Gandhi years ago. Rahul Gandhi is on your mind, not mine. Understand. Try to understand. (hearing applause) See, someone is clapping. Do you understand? A person understood. This is the philosophy of your country. Understand it, it will be good for you,” he said.

He was asked by a journalist to describe what perspective “Rahul Gandhi” was gaining from the Indian people during the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

At the time, comments about Rahul Gandhi’s “letting go” were seen by many as aligning with his refusal to return to the post of Congress speaker, which he left in 2019 after back-to-back election defeats to the BJP.

Amid his yatra, which began in September, weeks before the Congress president was elected, he firmly distanced himself from the competition and claimed he was not in the running for the top job. .

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