WWE’s top wrestlers would be willing to quit if the sale to Saudi Arabia takes place

Following rumors that WWE boss Vince McMahon is selling the wrestling company to Saudi Arabia, some of the top performers are set to quit altogether.

Some of WWE’s top wrestlers are prepared to leave the company if it were to be sold to Saudi Arabia.

Following Vince McMahon’s reinstatement as Executive Chairman of the Board, rumors swirled about who the WWE boss would be selling his beloved company to. With Saudi Arabia touted as a potential buyer, Fightful reports that some current stars and recently returned wrestlers were “concerned” that “they would pull out if a sale to the Saudis were announced.” With WWE representatives denying all rumors of a sale to Saudi Arabia, Talents Anonymous are worried about their future in the company.

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Vince McMahon Joins WWE

McMahon has staged a return to WWE since stepping down as CEO in July 2022 amid sex allegations and a silent payout scandal. The CEO position would be shared by McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan while Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, took over as WWE Chief Content Officer. Despite a new sexual assault accusation and lawsuit against McMahon uncovered by The Wall Street Journal last December, he decided to return to his WWE duties believing the allegations had subsided.

On January 6, McMahon was officially reinstated to the WWE Board of Directors. Additionally, McMahon would be joined by co-chairs Michelle Wilson and George Barrios, who would replace three board members. One of the outgoing board members was in charge of the internal investigation into the McMahon scandals.

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Stephanie McMahon Reigns WWE

Five days after McMahon was reinstated to the Board of Directors, his daughter Stephanie McMahon shocked WWE talent and fans alike when she announced her resignation as co-CEO and Chairman of WWE. “I am confident that WWE is in the perfect place to continue to deliver unparalleled creative content and generate maximum shareholder value. WWE is in such a strong position that I have decided to return from my leave and d ‘going one step further with my official resignation,’ McMahon said in an official statement. “I look forward to cheering on WWE from across the company, where I started when I was little, as a pure fan. I will always remain dedicated to WWE. I really love our company, our employees, our Superstars, and our fans. And I’m grateful to all of our partners. Thank you for everything. Then. Now. Forever. Together.”

With McMahon back in charge, Khan remains the sole CEO of WWE, while Triple H remains at the helm of WWE’s Creative Team.

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